DBS Bottom Details

    Standard: Ideal configuration for applications using an undermount guide and requiring additional strength. Locates 1/4" bottom behind tenon by adjusting dovetail location. Requires heights of whole inch plus 1/4", e.g. 3 1/4", 10 1/4", etc.

    Bottom Mount: This is nailed to the bottom of the sides. Is best for using bottom mount hardware that installed through the bottom material into the sides. Lowest strength application and core of the bottom material is exposed on the sides, not recommended for side mount or under mount guides installations.


    1/2" Bottom Options

    Option A: A Good compromise of high strength and good quality when used with dovetail construction. Results in a slight hole above and below the lowest dovetail tenon.


    Option B: Optimizes interior clearance, while providing increased bottom strength. Results in a small hole below lowest dovetail tenon.

    Option C: Highest strength application. Reduces interior clearance by nearly 1". Results in a hole above the lowest dovetail tenon.

    Option D: Provides increased interior clearance and good strength while ensuring high quality. No hole when used with dovetail construction.